Monday, November 30, 2020

Great Weekend!


What a weekend we had !!!

For my birthday - my brother gave me a gift certificate for my favourite restaurant.  This weekend we decided to have a 'date night' and use the certificate.  Saturday night at the Bistro is always Table d'Hote...... so we placed our order in the afternoon for 3 full courses and arranged a pick up time.  While Sir Steve went to pick it up... I lit some candles and got out the china............. we had sooooo much food that we saved our desserts for Sunday......... 

I had the spring rolls as an appetizer ... then ribs and salad



Sir Steve had seafood chowder as a starter and seafood alfredo.........

Saturday night our lil town had their Santa Claus Parade - covid style.  The parade was set up in the civic center's parking lot and we were supposed to drive through  - staying safely in the our cars.  Well that was the plan......... unfortunately when we drove over - after 8pm thinking the crowds would have depleted by then - the line up was all the way across town.  Truthfully - neither of us wanted to sit in a line up for god only knows how long to see the 'parade'.  So instead, we took a drive around town - admiring all the Christmas displays on folks' front lawns.

As we lay in bed much later - as I was falling asleep - Sir Steve said 'tomorrow at 1 - I want you naked in bed'  I kinda heard him - I mean it registered - but I don't think I fully believed him ... ya know?  We never - ok rarely - have any form of adult time during the day.................. 

So fast forward to Sunday about 12:55

We were watching some tv show....... I happened to glance at the clock and remembered the '1 pm naked in bed' from the night before....... I wasn't exactly sure what I should do.......... (stop rolling your eyes at me - ya I know I shouldn't have even hesitated - but ya know......... late night whisperings aren't exactly the same as a mid day order - and he may have forgotten - or changed his mind.... or... or...or)  Anyway - at 1:01 Sir Steve said - 'why are you still sitting here?'   Trust me when I say by 1:02 I was getting naked and getting into bed (cheeky grin) 

OH MY!  what fun we had - there was a lot of teasing and slapping and stinging slaps and orgasms and fun fun fun!!

It was a totally stress relieving kind of weekend.... and another weekend of making me feel like a woman - a lovable sexy woman

Life is good when you can unplug and restart..............   


  1. Well that just sounds like it is as near perfect that it is possible for a weekend to get :)


  2. Your blog looks beautiful! Very festive. Glad you had such a good weekend.

  3. What a fantastic weekend, happy for you! The dinner looks delicious.



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