Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Over Load

I knew I was stressed and anxious on Sunday......... my body had the shakes... I went from sweating to freezing... I felt nauseous.... 

I didn't fully realize how over loaded my brain was until yesterday.  All I could think yesterday was that I had a virus on my computer........ and that all the lil one's home schooling was on my computer... and I couldn't find a way around ... I panic printed all the urls for the websites for the lil one... I panic printed all the worksheets I could think of.... I just plain panicked.

I had to log in to Google when I wanted to write my blog... I had to log in to the sites for the lil one..... WTF??!!  that had never happened before!

Then in a moment of clarity I realized that the techs that worked with me on Sunday had me set up my pc to clear my cache/history every time I logged off.  

DUH!  no wonder I couldn't just fly around the sites.......... no cache .. no history... DUH! 

Then my computer was dreadfully slow....... I MUST have a virus right?

BUT around dinner time I went out on the front deck to have a smoke and lo and behold there were the familiar white trucks of my internet provider working on the lines. I came in and did a speed check........ it was at it's maximum!!

No virus -- just a problem with the wires (again!!  been happening since January! but I couldn't see that all I could see was the worst possible scenario)

So the only  real problem was my FB account has been hacked.  AND Facebook tells me the profile that is being reported as hacked is NOT!  silly buggers.

By supper last night my body felt like it had been hit by a truck.  My stomach was screaming at me.  

I realized just how fragile I am.  It's as though everything just go too heavy to bear ya know? I think I need some peace in a world that isn't feeling very peaceful these days.


  1. Hi Morningstar,

    I'm sorry you were so stressed and over loaded and hope you are feeling now. I think a lot of us are feeling over loaded at the moment and long for peace again.

    Glad the pc issues worked out and that it wasn't a virus.


  2. Hey Morningstar,

    I am always amazed at how the body reacts to stress/anxiety/panic.

    I am so sorry it was a total overload for you. but you should be proud of how you handled it. You could have stopped, and done nothing, but instead you worked around the problems. You worked the problem, and found the solutions.

    that is amazing!


  3. I think we’re all kind of right there at this point... I work with my daughter on reading and math in the morning (my son is pretty well set up with zoom stuff, but she’s in kindergarten and it’s just not quite what she needs) but by the end of the day every day I’m pretty much sapped and everything feels kind of pointless.

    For the FaceBook thing... Usually the reason they telling your account wasn’t hacked is because it’s not someone using technology to break into the site... usually it’s just account info (password) getting stollen, and that’s not considered hacking. So if you still have access to the account, your first step would be to change your password, and then also change your password to the email account you have attached, and any other sites you’re aware of that use the same login information as either. I haven’t gone though the steps for reporting that, so I’m not sure how you proceed if you DON’T have access to the account anymore and Facebook doesn’t acknowledge when you report that someone else is using it. Try again maybe?

  4. I'm guessing we'll all have a few mini-breakdowns before we're done with this. I hope all resolve themselves this well.

  5. I can't offer anything someone else hasn't already said or you don't already know. But when I'm feeling overloaded I go to google and search for something I enjoy - Cute animal memes, or puppy videos... or something.

    It helps me breathe easier and relaxes my brain for a bit. Sometimes that's all i need to feel / get some clarity.

    *sending love*


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