Friday, May 22, 2020

8 Weeks

We're 8 weeks in to home schooling.  8 Weeks ago I honestly didn't believe I would still be home schooling....... I thought a couple of weeks - maybe a month........ but 8 weeks??!!  nope not even close.  And now it turns out we'll be home schooling until September........ and maybe even longer.   I saw a plan this morning for September - if the need is there (which I am starting to think it will be) ....... the classes would be divided into 2 groups - one group would go to school 3 days a week and the other group would go for 2 days.  I am sure at the half way mark (180 days in) they would switch the groups.    The days the children are not in school they would be home schooled.  So I might be in this for the long haul........... so much for retirement right??

ahhhhhhhhh well one day at a time....

This week we worked on division and 'g' sounds and journal writing..... AND... we finished up our visit to Egypt!!  The lil one had 3 'team meetings' with her teacher and some friends from her class..... and they had a 'directed art' class yesterday where they drew birds.

In Egypt she learned how the Egyptians made papyrus paper........... 

and all about hieroglyphics - the lil one wrote her name on her papyrus paper in hieroglyphics........... 

And yesterday we finished up with mummies.  Google is your friend!!  There was a great video about children visiting Egypt and taking a museum tour that showed Ramses body .......... all dried up and grey looking.  The lil one learned how revered cats were and how they were mummified ............ she made a ' cat mummy'.   

Life is good even when the 'teacher' barely makes it through the week (grinning)


  1. Sounds like you all are doing great. But I taught thirty years and I don't remember a week that didn't feel like the teacher barely made it through.

  2. That little one will have so many wonderful memories about this pandemic...unlike most of us. My mom would always is all about the are doing a great job!!! hugs abby

  3. Wow Morningstar, You are so rocking this together. That's a loong time for both the children and parents to have to cope with homeschooling. School started back here last week, much to the relief of many parents, and kids.


  4. Morningstar,

    You amaze me! Our homeschooling consists of "what are you working on?" to which the reply is usually a quiz in (insert subject here) using all of my "available resources." Of course, mine is 16 and should be fairly independent but still! You are ROCKING the homeschooling and making it fun! She will have the best memories of this world. I asked my own to journal this experience. I told her she was living history at this point and so should write it down.

    Life is good when you have these awesome memories.



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