Saturday, May 16, 2020

Got the Word.......

We got the word Thursday afternoon -- campgrounds are allowed to open!!! with restrictions of course......... social isolating - no beaches or pools - no playgrounds - no rec hall etc.  BUT they're open and we can go!!

P A N I C !!

I am so NOT ready for this!! Yesterday I quickly made lists - what to pack -- what we need - what to buy!  GAH!!  I know I am going to forget something!!

Sir Steve is so happy - he misses the country life... the lil one is bouncing around - once she was sure homeschooling would still happen !!  Though we won't be making the move there permanently for a couple of weeks -- I need to get organised and we need to get the internet installed again!  and the weather needs to warm up !!  camping in layers of clothes is not my idea of fun!!

I'm gonna have to adjust to leaving my safe bubble here...... but I'm hoping the trailer will become my other safe bubble.  Being in the country will be so much better for the lil one.. here we only have a postage stamp size yard -- there we have large piece of land -- with a creek running through the back of the lot.... lots of woods to roam in... lots of roads to bike on - without much traffic!!!  AND eldest daughter and son in law will be across the road from us.  We have talked about it and will probably include them in our family bubble..... so we can share evening fires and visits........that would be so nice -- I do miss visiting with them!!

Life is good when the new normal begins.........


  1. Morningstar,

    I am happy that you can get back to your normal. I am NOT ready for us to reopen. I think it is WAY to soon. Of course, I don't think I will ever be ready. Sigh.

    Enjoy your bubble.


  2. Great news, I am happy for you. I wish that the camp grounds would open up here, I am itching to fire up my Little Devil and get away from it all for a few days at least. At the moment even the wash facilities are closed. My lovely white campervan is now a sort of grey colour with specs of brown and bird poop. I'm pretending that it's camouflage :)


  3. Hi Morningstar,

    That is wonderful news on the campground opening, allbeit with some restrictions. It will be eo good for you all to get back to some semblance of normal. Hwppy for you!



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