Friday, May 15, 2020


On Thursday during 'math class' the lil one had a melt down.  

Multiplication is HARD!!

We have been doing 'english' and 'math' virtually...... we have websites for both.  She completes the work and the programs send the teacher an evaluation on her work.  So when the meltdown happened I sent the teacher a note saying we were putting the math on the back burner till next week.......... the teacher wrote back immediately and sent us the reports from both programs....... our lil one is acing the work.  Well not the math so much -- she's working at grade level which is all we expect..... BUT she's also done twice as much work as expected!!  The 'english' program rated her at a half grade above ...... working at a December grade 3 level rather than a June grade 2 level..... no big surprise there actually.. she's a very strong reader and writer!!

Besides the academic assigned lessons we continue our world travels.  This week (and next week) we are in Egypt.

She made a 'magical' pyramid ........ 

and when we entered it we went back in time to ancient Egypt.

So far this week we have learned about the river Nile......the pyramids.. the Pharaohs ... and how the ancient Egyptians dressed. (we spend the afternoons 'sight seeing' via Google)

She made an Egyptian bracelet out of a Pringles chip tube.... wool, glue, and gold paint.... and an Egyptian head piece with lots of 'jewels'.

All in all a good week in home school!


  1. Hi Morningstar,

    How awesome! Good on both you and the lil one, she is doing so well. It looks like she has a great talent for art and craft too. I do love your trips around the world:)


  2. Wonderful to see how well she is doing. You know she is going to remember this all her life.

  3. How amazing are these lil one's who are home schooling and rocking this isolation/distancing thing!

    Way to go Mom! (I don't like using step to describe relationships). Be proud of yourself!

    Hugs (for lil one too!)

  4. Morningstar, That's wonderful. Lil one is doing so well. I love the world tour you've introduced to her and loving see the different crafts she has been doing. Thank you.


  5. I vaguely remember a multiplication rap song...from a long time might try googling it.....home schooling is not my daughters are learning....I agree, that the little one will remember these days her whole life...and be smiling at the memories.
    hugs abby


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