Monday, May 11, 2020


Honestly I had an awful terrible weekend!!

It started with my FB account being hacked by some woman in France........ all reporting to Facebook accomplished nothing.... in fact Facebook actually answered me by saying the account hadn't been hacked!!!  

Then my email stopped working and my internet provider looked at it and told me it appeared that the email accounts were being deleted - they said they'd fix it.  They did YAY!!  but it was just one of many small blips on my computer.... another example - I have to log into Google every time I want to work on my blog........... 

So I am thinking I may have a virus - despite all my best efforts to keep my pc secure. Now I am thinking I will have to take it in to my local 'geek' squad to see if they can figure out what the hell is wrong.......... The only problem with that is ... all my home schooling information is on this pc.... GAH!!!  so I am wondering if I can limp along till home schooling finishes.

Just colour me stressed and in high alert mode............


  1. Hi Morningstar,

    Argh, that truly sucks, I'm sorry. I would be stressed too. Sounds like the computer may well have a virus.


  2. Now that isn't fun at all. I/m sorry.


  3. I consider myself laid back and I rarely stress over anything - but something being wrong with my iPhone or computer sends me into a tail spin. I think it's my computer that keeps me calm. Since I can only work it when it's working right I lose it when it has problems. I hope it will last through school and that they can quickly fix it if you have to take it in.


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