Thursday, May 21, 2020

Check In Time

Just a quick weekly check in........... how's everyone doing??

Here we're doing ok I guess..... I'm up to my eye teeth with homeschooling... organising/packing to move to the country (tomorrow!!)  till September....and just the every day stuff ya know?? 

Almost every day I have to pinch myself cause it all feels so normal -- and it's far from normal!!  Our government is now suggesting the use of non-medical masks when going out into crowds (or what amounts to crowds these days) ....... with our move to the country I won't be able to avail myself of the early opening for seniors at the local stores....... sigh....  anyone else HATE face masks?? The biggest problem is how they fog up my glasses when I go into stores....... I become instantly blind...... (and yes I have the nose piece fitted tightly over my nose and yes I have my glasses down over the top of it... and it still fogs up!!) 

For the first time since this all started I was able to get my prescriptions filled with no problems... even my Ventolin was in stock!!  YAY!!  BUT we still can't get more than 30 days of meds at a time - which is a pain cause my druggist has always given me 3 months supply when we move to the country but not this year.  (not a major problem really when you look at the bigger picture)  

The biggest blip is a personal one......... my hair.......... it is so long and shapeless that every time I look in the mirror I cringe.. and feel so ugly - which is affecting my sex drive and my over all mental state.
This is my hair cut............... 

I used to have it cut every 3 weeks to keep the shape.... it's been 2 months!!  Can you even imagine what it looks like??!!!  Trust me -- U G L Y! 

BUT I continually remind myself how lucky we are....... Sir Steve is still working... we have a roof over our heads and food on the table...... and a great summer place to move to............. I almost feel guilty complaining about minor things like foggy glasses....... 

How are you all doing???


Roz said...

Hi Morningstar,

I'm so glad you are able to go to the campsite. How great to start to feel a bit of normalcy creeping back in.

Oh yes...haiir! I can totally relate. Hairdressers have just reopened here, but there are huge waits. Plus, the one I go to is in the city across the road from work, and I'm working from home at the moment. Sigh. Might have to try my luck with a local one.

Otherwise, we are doing quite well. I'm enjoying working from home and actually dreading going back to the office and my regular job. Next week here should hopefully see a further relaxation in terms of numbers allowed at gatherings. Fingers crossed.


PK said...

I'm right there with you on the hair cut needs. But we'll survive. I think we all need to do a little complaining and this is a great place so as not to drive our loved ones crazy. Nothing will make the masks comfortable, but when I worked for the vet and we had long surgeries we would take cloth tape, like bandage tape, and tape the mask to our cheeks just under our eyes. It kept them from fogging up our glasses. Just a thought.

Boosghost2 said...

Hey Morningstar,

Normal will be so fun for you. Even if it is a new normal. I am still afraid of the new normal, so for now, I will stay put, wearing my mask when I go out (blissfully haven't had the glasses fog up yet). Hair....well, mine is a straight boring cut, so the daughter cut it for me (it has been well over a year since I last cut it). She did a pretty good job. But I wish I was brave enough to do your cut. It is so CUTE!!!!

Enjoy that trailer for me. I am so glad you get to go.


Anonymous said...

My daughter in law is a nurse in a local hospital and she taught me a good glasses defogger tip. Was your glasses with shaving cream. I don't know the science, but it does work. Give it a try.

abby said...

We are all so in the same boat....which is kind of reassuring..and at least makes me my! I have taken to doing a little...very little snipping myself..I am also debating on the all gray look...M says it is up to me.... and ...we have had snow every month this year so I do NOT live in Alaska...Western NY....more snow in May than in March...ok..thanks for letting me vent.....
hugs abby


I can empathise with the glasses problem. Especially when there is another person in the vehicle, at work, and we are required to wear masks. I've had to pull over a few times to clear the fog and avoid accident risk. I think I'll try Anon's shaving cream tomorrow. You never know, it might work.


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