Tuesday, May 26, 2020


There really are a whole lot of 'stupid' people out there......... and this pandemic is putting the spot light on them..... dontcha think???

This past weekend the weather was beautiful and there were crowds ... 
C. R. O. W. D. S.  .......... of people out and about - and not just in the States or in Toronto - all over.  It's as though sunshine and warmth melted their brains ya know??

I saw a picture of a park?? (I think it was a park) in San Francisco (I think it was San Francisco - grinning - do ya think my brain is in country mode?!)  


the city had painted white circles 6 feet apart over the entire area.....and people were sitting in the circles !!  there weren't any large groups of 'stupid people' bunched up.  I was thinking - most people are very visual - saying 6 feet doesn't register with them.. paint circles and they 'get it'.  (It might help them visualize if there were a number of security people ready to write hefty fines too)........

Know where else you find stupid people?? On social media sprouting off how their freedoms are being trampled on..... or how unfair that schools look like prisons... or how they need their hair cut (me too!!) and why aren't the salons open...... or they need a mani/pedi and why aren't the spas open......... oh the list is endless.  AND ya know ... trying to talk with them is a total waste of time!  I gave up about 2 days into lock down.  

For the most part -- for most days -- I realize how lucky we are. And then yesterday I read this .............

I felt very humbled......... 

Life is very good even when we have to self distance and do without........ 



  1. Morningstar,

    I am with you. First off, what was Toronto thinking? Holy slap in the face to all essential workers!

    I love the idea of the circles. I am one of those people who has no distance perception, so I have NO idea how far away I am from you (yes, I have adaptations that help me determine depth and distance but still), so those circles or lines painted on the ground really help.

    As for that final perspective, there are no words to describe the privilege some have. All I can do is hope that my perspective changes enough that I am not ignorant anymore.

    People can be so stupid.


  2. Great post. I do know how privileged I am. As a retired introvert my days haven't changed much. My fridge and freezer are full and with the phone and computer I can keep up with all my loved ones. But I often do feel surrounded by idiots. When an imbecile tells people to inject themselves with disinfectant and they believe him I want to tell them, "Have at it!" or go to your mega-church and sing with hundreds of others. The small god you must worship probably can't hear you if you pray from home. But sadly the idiots would also inject their own kids and those church goers are going to come back out in the world and breath on me.

    Sadly sanity has left the planet.

  3. I agree, great post and love the quotes. The second one really makes you pause and think of everything we have to be grateful for.

    There are always the stupid people, sigh. With our numbers here now being zero new cases most days and many restrictions having been lifted and more places opening I have noticed complacency setting in. People don't seem to be making as much effort to distance. Grrr


  4. That's a great post. I'm also 100% with you on the stupid people. I. Want. To. Kill. Them.

    But otherwise, I'm grateful EVERYDAY that we have technology now. I can buy insoles. We can order groceries (or takeout/delivery from restaurants). I can shop for clothes and shoes. Mum can read the news on her tablet and watch her daily prayer reflections on Youtube.

    We have electricity and water and staying home (while it drives me mad that I can't get a massage for all my aches and pains and knots) COULD BE MUCH WORSE.

    So I am grateful. I have to be.


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