Friday, January 17, 2020

Too Old.....

This morning it is -20something Celsius .......... the lil one was dressed in multiple layers ........... she looked like a lil roly poly snowman.

We walked to the bus stop (approx. 2 mins) ....... 
We waited for the bus (approx 2 mins)
I walked home (approx 2 mins)

As I peeled off my layers .... with legs shaking from the cold ... I kept muttering
"I am too old for this shit!!"


  1. LOL!!! OMG that was me this morning. We refer to this weather as minus God weather! My Sheriff and lil one asked for rides in instead of the bus. LOL My comment was that I was too old for that!!! Still did it anyhow, but YUCK!


  2. Boosghost - I keep thinking I didn't even do bus duty with my own children!! AND that was 35 years ago -- dear god I am too old for this shit!! AND I was definitely born in the wrong hemisphere.... I HATE cold and LOVE heat - high heat like +40celsius!!

  3. Morningstar, EXACTLY! 40 plus with humidity PLEASE! we took a trip to Florida a few years ago and it was the first time in my life that I finally felt warm all the way through!!!

  4. Ooh...brrr. I complain enough during our winter. I don't think I would survive your winter lol



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