Monday, January 27, 2020

Plan C

Do ya remember Plan A??? If not you can find it HERE.........

Plan C was in effect for this Saturday -- BUT -- there was snow and freezing rain forecasted.  (sigh)  We were hoping to head off to the campground for their annual hot chocolate skating party.  

As it turned out eldest daughter and son in law had appointments to view some houses on Saturday morning -- so tentative plans were made...... they'd go to their viewing and meet us at the campgrounds...... then if the weather wasn't too bad we'd all head home here and go out for sushi supper to celebrate their birthdays.

By 1:30 we were at the camp grounds in the pouring rain - straight rain though not freezing...... and I couldn't help but wonder if this rain is a forecast of our summer to come (ok ok I am a bit of a pessimist)  They had a nice fire going and trust me it was a very welcome heat source!

By 4 we were all home safe and dry -- freezing rain did happen but it was mixed with straight rain which just made for a damp wet time.  

We had a lovely visit with daughter and husband..... discussing their search for a new home a whole lot closer to us.... which makes me a very happy Mom..... Then we headed off for the sushi supper....... 

The restaurant was in a strip mall -- nothing to write home about for sure... I HATE sushi but they did have tempura .... There were 5 tables with the most uncomfortable seating I have ever sat on!!  Obviously most of their business is take out....... 

Not knowing anything about sushi I just watched and listened while daughter / husband and Sir Steve made up their orders.... the only two items that stuck with me were 'California rolls' and ' sushi pizza' ........ sushi pizza??!!!

The food was only made when it was ordered ..... so plates of food came out in the weirdest order....... first some California rolls I think  .... then soup... then appetizers .. our table was groaning under the load of food.......... 

the lump on the left is the sushi pizza !!

more sushi......... 

tempura sweet potatoe

my plain and boring sweet and sour chicken (sauce on the side)

Did you notice in the pics that the food was served on disposable/take out trays??? Like I said -- most of their business is take out....... and in future that is what we'll do... mind you having everything already in disposal containers made doggy bags so much easier !!

OH and the sushi experts said it was some of the best sushi they have had!

We came home for birthday cake and coffee -- apple spice cake with caramel drizzle..... 

I can't take credit for the birthday cake -- as it happened I was given one free cake from a local baker ..... and decided to take advantage of it this weekend. 

Daughter and hubbie headed home around 8:30 in a lovely gentle snow fall.......... 

We had sort of planned on having some adult time on Sunday -- BUT as luck would have it -- I had a flair up of a health problem that saw me stretched out on the sofa eating crackers and sipping water all day (colour me sad).

Feeling much better today -- of course I am!!  Just in time to do the household chores and pick the lil one up from the school bus........... le sigh!

Life is good when Plan C works!


  1. Morningstar,

    I am so happy that it worked out for you (for the most part) and daughter moving closer? is there anything better? I'm sorry adult time didn't work out.

    As for sushi, I wish I understood the appeal.


  2. Ohhhhhhhhh Boosghost -- you and me both!!! raw fish wrapped in rice or seaweed??? noooooooo thank you !!

  3. Hi Morningstar, so glad plan C worked. Wishing your daughter all the best with the house search. How wonderful they are looking at moving closer to you!

    I'm with you on sushi. I never understand the huge queues outside sushi shops??



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