Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Naughty Girl List (contd)

On Friday I posted my thoughts on blow jobs here.....

What I didn't realize -- what I had never been shown -- ever been taught -- was -- there is more to blow jobs than just sucking cock.  (or there can be) 

Those not on the 'naughty list' might be asking "what else can there be?"  

Playing with his balls!  Sucking his balls!  Who knew?? Certainly not me!  I was brought up to believe that a male's balls are untouchable........ tender little snowflakes that react badly to touch.

Imagine my shock when Hands told me to suck his balls the first time!!  Turns out it is something that men enjoy.... I did NOT know that!!  It seemed wicked -- and definitely very naughty -- and a bit dangerous.  I was terrified I would do something that would hurt..... damage them .... send him screaming from the house.

Imagine my awkwardness the first time ...... 
here I am faced with two balls hanging in front of me ... He said "suck them" but as I looked at them -- I couldn't imagine fitting THAT completely in my mouth -- they wouldn't fit!!

That first time I did the best inexperienced job I could -- but trust me -- the next week I was googling everything I could find on the subject.  For the right man I want nothing more than to please.......... so I googled!

And when we are together -- I practice.

I didn't get discouraged...... after all - practice makes perfect right?!  I googled some more...... I even went looking for some gifs/porn to demonstrate......... 

I won't say I am perfect -- hell I am probably far from perfect...... but I must be doing something right -- cause Hands hasn't stopped my practice.

And now the nervousness about the whole thing has eased -- I am actually finding it 'hot' ....... and very 'naughty'!

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  1. The men I know are loath to shave their hairs on their balls and I can't stand licking hairs. So that's not for me, alas!


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