Friday, December 16, 2016


Holidays - especially Christmas - are a stressful busy time.  I know I am missing Hands and CG -- a lot!  though I am hoping to see them between Christmas and the New Year.

BUT it isn't just stressful for humans.  My dear cat Miss Ashes has been struggling since the day I put the tree up.

It sits on a hassock that sits in front of the window.  That is Miss Ashes' spot!  Her reaction to the tree was not a happy one....... 

She eventually agreed to a compromise.......... the tree could share the window seat...........

But then I put the gifts under the tree and there was no way for her to jump up ....... at least not without knocking the gifts or the tree over.......

 She did express her displeasure one evening when I was wrapping gifts by trying to sit on my lap while I was wrapping -- then climbing on top of the already wrapped gifts and giving me the 'evil eye'

So she has been sulking -- and I do mean sulking!!  I didn't think much about her unhappiness ..... or pay attention to folks warning me she would get even.... she is a cat for heaven's sakes!!  And as much as I love her and talk to her and pamper her -- she is a cat -- revenge?? gimme a break. 

At 4 am yesterday morning I heard a huge crash and bang......... I jumped out of bed.  I was positive someone had broken into the apartment.  With heart pounding I came out of the bedroom and made  my way down to the living room/dining room.  I flipped on the light.  The tree was still standing -- everything looked fine -- until I turned and looked at the dining room.  The table was bare........ the Christmas runner was on the floor the candle sticks were on the floor -- the candles had rolled under the table.  Miss Ashes sat by a chair in the living room as if it was all my fault!  And I guess in a way -- in a cat way -- it was my fault.

The joys of the Christmas season

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