Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Naughty Girl List (contd)

Before, when I was collared, I wasn't allowed to wear underpants.  It made me feel very uncomfortable and embarrassed.  Changes happened -- and I started to wear them again -- without a thought.

Hands worked very hard to make me start feeling comfortable with my body -- with my self image -- with my sexuality.  I remember the second time we had private time together........ I decided to wear a cute lil dress but no underwear.  I can still see Hands' face when he ran his hand up under my dress.  My heart nearly stopped.  I thought he was shocked -- I thought he would think less of me.

We didn't talk about it for a long time.  Then one day - in a moment of weakness - I asked him if I had shocked him that day.  He just gave me this wicked grin of his and said 'not at all'.  

Since then I never wear underpants when we have private time...... it makes  me feel sexy.  I was wondering why this time was so different...... and I realized that because Hands encourages my sexuality -- enjoys it -- and pushes me to fully accept it myself -- that not wearing underwear is actually a huge turn on. 

When Hands says he wants me fully accessible to him it is not just words.  He means it.  And he takes full advantage of my accessibilityWhat a difference from before -- when mostly I felt invisible!!  I never feel invisible with Hands -- I never feel I should repress my sexuality -- I am learning how to be a naughty girl for the right man.  

And that is a very good thing!

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