Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Last of the Naughty Girl List

And the most difficult ......... 

I know I have hinted at anal play before this -- how it was important to Hands -- how - because of that importance - I worked up the nerve to talk to the doctor about my ability to participate (because of past medical issues) -- and how Hands has had me 'practicing' during my 'play times'.

Hands has sent me gifs of anal play -- and created a fantasy of it for me.  It changed from being taboo to something 'hot'.  It changed from being something overpoweringly painful even to contemplate to something sensual and something I crave to fully experience.

It has made me want this 

for him......... 

So the saying is true -- at least for me ....... 

"The difference between a good girl and a naughty girl is that good girls are very selective who they are naughty with ......... "

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