Thursday, December 15, 2016

Time of the Year

It's almost Christmas ....... the busiest time of the year.

And my absolute favourite time of the year!!  

So for the next 10 days I am gonna talk about Christmas...... and I'll understand if you groan and come back after the 25th.. I will honestly!!

I know I showed you all the craft I made -- my Santa sleighs.  I put them under the tree and mixed them in with the presents... and was sitting here last night thinking how pretty it all looked especially my sleighs....... 

And then -- being me -- my mind wandered  -- back to last Christmas season and a sweet young submissive who put a candy cane in her mouth and tempted me .. taunted me... dared me to take it out..........  I was such a good girl a year ago!

and then -- I had been perving pics and gifs of Christmas to share with Hands and came across this  candy cane one.........

I couldn't help but wonder if a candy cane would be anything like a ginger root butt plug............ but then I don't know what a ginger plug feels like either .......... 

Mind you I have a whole box of candy canes left over from the Santa sleighs..... who knows -- maybe I'll share them with Hands and see what he comes up with......... 

Yup -- it's that time of the year and I am in my glory!

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