Saturday, December 03, 2016

Hung Over

Ok -- first this blog is late because........... Hands and CG came for dinner last night........ and because CG and I had planned a celebration with lots of wine and cheesecake ........ I bought the above HUGE bottle of wine -- and CG brought another one........... AND we did a damn good job at polishing them off.

AND I forgot today was NOT Sunday (I did have a Sunday Sentiments queued up and ready to post) 

Once I had managed to focus my eyes -- stop my head from spinning -- AND got one cup of coffee into me -- I thought I had better post something... 

As I was writing this I realized it is just more proof how I earned 73% naughty on that meme I took.  You see the "good girl" NEVER drank -- well maybe a glass of wine -- but my wine consumption was measured in glasses not sizes of bottles.

It's just another piece of the new me -- the naughty me 

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