Saturday, December 10, 2016

Not a good day

For over a year I have been seeing a therapist -- she has literally held me together through the uncollaring -- the moving out on my own -- my eating problems -- my anxiety -- all of it!

She phoned me the other evening to tell me she is giving up her practice ........ I still have 2 appointments -- one next week actually -- but she didn't want to drop it on me -- she wanted to give me time to process before I saw her.  She that's kind of therapist -- is it any wonder I am in shock and filled with anxiety.

How am I gonna do this on my own now??? that's the only question that keeps rolling around in my head.  I talked with CG ....... she told me to make a list of questions...... but I don't have any -- except how am I gonna do this alone??  I can barely breathe.......... 

so yeah -- yesterday was not a good day.


  1. morningstar, I am so sorry you rtherapist is giving up her practice. Do ask her to refer you to another therapist. That should be number one on your list.


  2. Maybe she has a recommendation. I know it's not the same, but a new start might do you good ((hugs))

  3. I second the first two recommendations. You can try to do it all on your own, but just in case, it is good to have a referral.


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