Thursday, December 01, 2016

December 1st

I took one of those silly memes over on Facebook the other day -- a Christmas one.  It declared I was 27% nice and a whopping 73% naughty.  Now honestly !!!  who would believe I was THAT naughty?!

(clearing throat) except ....... well since I have been with Hands and CG I have been encouraged to develop my "naughty" side...... and oh what fun it has been!!!

BUT honestly truly -- it is ALL Hands' fault....... he is turning me into this wicked naughty lil subbie. (cheeky grin)

I thought seeing as the holiday season is upon us -- for the next 4 weeks I would explore some naughty behaviours....... live up to my 73% naughty reputation.  

So for the next 4 weeks or so -- welcome to the 
Christmas Edition of the Continued Journey!!

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