Thursday, December 22, 2016

Family and Holidays

The holidays always make me more sentimental than usual.  

I have 3 grandsons and I see them about once a month.  In my mind's eye -- when I am not with them -- they are still the little guys that spent a day with me in early December every year till I moved and helped me decorate the house......

 and bake ginger bread houses.....  

Now the eldest one is grown up -- some time over the last almost 17 years he grew up ...... I didn't see it until the other day when he posted a selfie on Facebook and my jaw dropped.  

I studied that pic for a long time -- his expression -- his new hair cut -- the typical teenage angst written all over his face.

Yesterday I had an hour to kill so I stalked his facebook page.  Dear lord in heaven!!  He and all his friends talk in some weird code..... from 'angery' (was it just a spelling mistake?? don't think so -- from browsing his friends it appears to be a perfectly acceptable word) to calling each other 'squirrels' to other words that had no meaning in any language I know.

It made me smile ...... made me remember my own kids growing up ..... took me back to my teenage years ...... the angst -- the coded speak ..... all of it. 

Yeah Christmas and pics of grown up kids makes me sentimental ........ and that is a very good thing!

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  1. You made me chuckle. I am always a little worried to check facebook pages too closely but that would be for my own kids. You are such a great grandmother!


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