Saturday, December 24, 2016

Family Christmas


I am in Montreal with the family.  I managed to pack up all the presents -- dinner for tonight -- clothes and my computer into my little car. 

I have my computer with me because I nearly had a major breakdown at the thought of leaving it at home.  I wanted (ok maybe needed) to be able to write in my blog and I needed to feel like I was still connected to Hands and CG a little bit ya know?   I need to preserve my sanity amidst all this Norman Rockwell Family Christmas.  (other wise known as insanity)

I love my family - honest I do !!! 

And I am only here till Monday - or Tuesday - or god only knows -- it all depends on the weather.  

"Silent night -- holy night -- all is calm -- all is bright" ( she sings as she quietly slips back into family celebrations.


  1. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and I would have brought my computer too for the little breaks from insanity and for some adult time too.


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