Monday, December 12, 2016

Scratching an Itch

I have this fetish - one I've had since I was a young girl.  I love knives ...... and I love the feel of the sharp blade against my skin.  

There are many forms of knife play -- and I have yet to find anyone who will actually cut me.   BUT sensual knife play is a good substitute.  I can run any number of fantasies through my head while the knife is sliding across my bare skin -- tickling a nipple -- or leaving tracks down my belly - mostly I fantasize about the point slicing through the top layer of skin -- of blood droplets forming feeling them slowly running down my body.

Hands does not do knives..... actually I know very few Tops or Doms that do do knives.  AND I won't do knife play unless it is with someone I trust with my life -- because quite frankly -- it IS my life at risk.

I do have a married couple - friends - who I visit from time to time.  The husband does sensual knife play.  I hadn't seen them for awhile -- and made plans to go up and visit them over the weekend (with Hands' consent of course) 

There was no promise of knife play -- the only promise that was made was for a good dinner -- lots of discussions and a warm bed. (by myself!!  sheesh you guys !!!)

But as luck would have it -- the wife had a playmate coming over in the evening -- so he and I were left to our own devices for an hour or so.  He brought out the knives and we both had our primal need for sharp blades and lovely red lines engraved in skin fulfilled.

It was a lovely way to spend a wintry evening ........ and a "good scratch at my itch".


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