Friday, December 30, 2016


 My resolve cracked the other night -- I sent Hands an email and opened up a little bit about how much I needed to see him.  He surprised me by answering it (he doesn't usually email -- he prefers chat) and told me he was striving to see me before New Year's eve.

So yesterday -- as it was snowing and the car still had one thing left to fix -- I figured Friday was going to be the day I saw him for private time -- if at all.  AND I decided instead of sitting around on my hands all day fussing and wondering -- I would get busy and make him homemade Quebecois onion soup.  

Truthfully it's one of the foods I miss here in Ontario -- good traditional french onion soup.  And as luck would have it Hands loves onion soup... Ontario style.  I am looking forward to having him compare the two soups -- I am betting Quebecois onion soup will win hands down....and earn me some brownie points -- cause he told me yesterday I have racked up some major "sassy points" 

With any luck (ok ok with a LOT of luck) tomorrow I should be posting we managed to get some private time and the results of the soup tasting. 


  1. Hope he shows and you have the great private time you deserve

  2. Oh the leap between provinces can be hard.
    Hope you got the private time you needed!

    ..the difference between Ontario soup and Quebecois soup for me, would be the former is missing the Cognac ;-)


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