Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Theme

So despite my mixed feelings over the weekend -- I did have a plan...... 

My girls have been begging me to make "grandma's Christmas sandwich cookies" (that would be MY mother -- not me) 

They are not my favourite cookies to make -- they sure aren't a drop by a spoon onto cookie sheet and bake type of cookie.  No they are more a knead and roll out and cut with cookie cutter kind of cookie -- and take about 3 days in total to make.

I usually make one batch or about 2 - 2 1/2 dozen..... and they never make it past Christmas dinner.  This year my eldest daughter told me the only thing she really wanted for Christmas was a batch of the Christmas Sandwich cookies all for herself.  So I decided to make extra......... that was last weekend ..... the baking part.......... 
(almost 240 cookies = almost 10 dozen sandwich cookies) 

This weekend I had to sandwich them together with strawberry jelly (not jam cause the lumps of strawberries tend to make the cookie layers slide about) 

Then each sandwich cookie had to be iced with a white buttercream icing.

And then the icing decorations had to be added -- and I am the first to admit -- my decorating skills leave a lot to be desired and the finished product looks nothing like the above picture of professionally made cookies...... but mine are made / decorated with love which makes up for my lack of artistic skills.

I always add holly and red berries... for some reason I couldn't find my cake decorating set -- so bought a cheap one.  GOD !!  never again!!  It was next to impossible to get the plunger thing to work -- and I have bruises on my hand and fingers from trying to push the icing through the piper head........

AND on top of that -- my apartment building holds a Christmas dinner for everyone every year.  Saturday night was the dinner.  I didn't feel much like going even with a free turkey dinner, music and door prizes.  BUT I decided to force myself to go..... and dressed in the spirit of the holidays.......... 

Trust me when I say I raised more than a few eyebrows in my get up........ well with the women -- the men didn't seem to mind much at all.....  

Sunday I spent quietly -- I had planned on making a couple of cinnamon bread loaves -- but I have 4 days this week to get that done though I am working four mornings..... ahhhh well if it doesn't get it done no one's the wiser -- the Christmas sandwich cookies were the only real request for the holidays :)

AND before I forget -- I did get a message from Hands on Friday night -- with a very firm task requirement.  I bitched a little bit -- but truthfully -- it felt wonderful to know he wanted me occupied this weekend -- with thoughts of him........ makes a girl feel appreciated ya know? and that is a very good thing ! 


  1. You're cookies look amazing. Wow what a huge batch to have to make.
    Glad you decided to go to the party and your outfit is very appropriate for it indeed.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  2. They look delicious. The gift of time like that is so appreciated, I'm sure. My Sir enjoys a Hungarian cookie (also time consuming) that his mom and sister make only once a year at Christmas. They always gift him with a batch!


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