Friday, December 09, 2016

Tasks - Naughty Girl List (contd)

One of the obstacles that Hands and I had to overcome was the distance between us.  and our busy lives.

To try and keep us connected, every once in a while, (in the beginning) Hands would tell me to masturbate.  (actually he called it "play time") and I would call those times "tasks" here on the Continued Journey (that was the 'good girl's' way of handling it)

In between times I would masturbate without being told..... but I thought to myself -- I want him to know how often I need to masturbate.  I assumed -- like so many before him -- when he discovered how strong my sex drive was -- it would drive him off -- it had happened over and over before.  Which just proved to me that something must be wrong with me!!   So I told him I was going to ask for permission to masturbate every time I needed to -- and if he was working he didn't have to answer -- but I wanted him to know.

Well a couple of things happened ..... 
1 - was that now I have no desire to masturbate unless he tells me to and fortunately he's pretty damn frequent about play times -- and doesn't accept excuses not to....
2 - it gave him a chance to introduce me to anal via the internet --  making me start playing with myself -- without him being here. and help me deal with the taboo nature of it -- and my total fear of doing it.

ohhhhhh and there is one other thing that has happened 
3 -  before - masturbating was just a 'taking care of business' sort of thing -- now Hands will push my limits a little bit -- and add some twists to the play time -- for example adding nipple clamps -- or clothes pegs -- or more than one play time over a period of time.

Hands hasn't run from my sexuality -- if anything he has encouraged it and pushed it.  He has always said my orgasms are for him whether I am with him or not.. and the more I have the happier he is.

What an amazing transformation that has created in me -- now I am not ashamed of my sex drive -- if anything it is growing ........ and that (I am learning) is a very good thing!

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