Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Task

Hands gave me a task to complete yesterday.  For most people it would be easy and most likely pleasurable.   But not for me.  For me it made my stomach clinch and knot.  I thought to myself -- it was a pretty open ended assignment........ I don't have a time frame ... I can work on it.. build up my 'confidence'.

But half way through the day I got a message from Him........ had I completed the task? I explained no I hadn't but I was working up to it.  He offered me incentive.

I really did struggle for about 2 minutes.  Despite my nervousness about the task -- my desire to please  -- my desire to do what I was told won out and I completed the task and sent him my report.

For me -- that is what submission means -- it's not all fun and games and what pleases me -- not even close.  It is doing what I am asked to do and pleasing him.  It's feels so damn good to find that place again -- I have come home.

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  1. Welcome back to the land of submissives...as I am often told, it is not always about you or not always supposed to be easy and enjoyable...although at times, those a true. Smiling for you this morning..
    hugs abby


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