Monday, July 25, 2016

This 'n That

Quiet sort of weekend --   time for lots of thinking........ 

I spent most of the weekend scrubbing my lil home -- cause cleaning is cathartic for me.  

It's easy to keep the house clean and tidy now........ after all it's just me and Miss Ashes... very few finger prints on the walls -- or mirrors -- no spills or clothes strewn around the place.........  some days I miss the mess of kids - miss the noise and confusion and phone ringing off the hook. As much as I love living on my own -- some days I miss having people around.

And as I chased hair balls around the house -- and tried to get the cat hair off the comforter on my bed -- I reminded myself that one day I won't have this headache and that will be a lonely sad day.......... so I cleaned cheerfully -- until Miss Ashes jumped on the bed and rolled around on it purring -- good thing cats have 9 lives!!


 I had a wonderful chat with Hands on Saturday morning - lots of teasing and sharing....... I can be just about ready to implode from lack of touch and play and then Hands chats with me and my slow burn settles down.  


Since I broke my toe I haven't been able to go to the gym so I have been walking every day....... usually way too early because of the heat and humidity that comes with the summer.  Hands is quite insistent that I not overdo it -- and I am not -- mainly because the foot hurts that much. 

On Sunday while I was hobbling along I could feel the frustration rising (did I mention I am close to imploding ??!!  doesn't take much to frustrate me) 

I had planned on going to the gym on Monday come hell or high water -- but I realized I still can't get a proper shoe on the foot and until I can, the gym is out of the question.  My blood started to boil.......... How could the damn thing still be so sore and swollen after all these weeks???!!  I grumbled as I hobbled.  

When I got home I googled broken toes -- cause ya know google knows everything!!  And I read that -- depending on how badly broken it is -- it can take from 6 - 8 weeks.  I was fuming -- and yeah I'll admit it - a bit worried.  After all - in my head it has been at least 4 weeks.  So I went to look at the calendar.  It has only been 2 1/2 weeks........... I still have a way to go (hear me grumbling even more?!)

Oh and one other fun fact about my broken toe -- I was examining it and was pleased I can now touch it and manipulate it without shrieking in pain -- but the top bit of my toe wiggles and makes a funny clicking sound........... fun eh?? 


Sunday morning I heard from Hands -- just a brief -- "sick as a dog" kind of message.  BUT despite feeling like "crap on a cracker" (his words not mine) He did check in with me late in the afternoon.  

There's not much I can do for him but I did send him a couple of "nurses" to help cheer him up.



I am guessing most of you have heard of Pokemon Go -- when I was out late Sunday afternoon (trying to burn off some of the pent up frustration) I came across 4 different groups of Pokemon Go players.    One player in a group of teenagers was so busy watching his phone and running and shrieking he nearly ran me down............. yeah that helped my frustration levels!


And that dear friends was my weekend............. 

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  1. I like Pokemon Go, but some people need to pay more attention to the world around them! I think that was the point of the game, to get people into the real world!

    Hope you heal quickly.


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