Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Last Thursday -- when I wanted to go to the beach -- but was being very responsible and adult and didn't go because I had had too much sun / heat in the two days prior at the beach -- I managed to break my favourite ginger jar.

I was so angry with myself -- and I admit it -- was stamping my feet a little bit while I cleaned it up and walked to the kitchen to throw the broken bits out.  Then I went looking for something to put on the table to replace the ginger jar -- cause the ginger jar hid all sorts of little things that don't really belong in a living room -- and the stamping feet increased cause I couldn't find anything.......... 

Finally found a little wooden carved box -- and I grabbed it -- turned around -- and went to stamp my way out of the bedroom when I managed to slam my foot into the corner of the wall.  

I heard the bone go CRACK in my little toe.  
I felt the pain shoot right up my leg.
I looked down through pain fogged eyes and saw the toe at a funny angle.
I sat down and pushed the toe back into place.
Can I say OUCH??!!
I iced it 
I put witch hazel on it
I put arnica on it when toe started to turn black with bruising 
I took extra strength advil.

No I did not go to the doctor's office - or a clinic - or an emergency room -- it is a baby toe after all!!

Broken toe or not -- I spent 2 days at the Buskers Festival -- on Monday I tried to get my foot into a running shoe so I could go to the gym (can i say obsessed?!)  BUT the toe just wouldn't sqeeze into the running shoe and still allow me to walk -- so no gym.
I did go for a walk with sandals -- did 1/2 of the route and just about crawled home 

'Hands' suggested quietly that I sit and elevate the foot - ice it - and take care of it -- otherwise I might be off it even longer. (I HATE it when the 'Dom' is right!!)

Today is day 7 -- the swelling is down a wee bit -- I am only taking advil twice a day (instead of every 4 hours) -- I can walk barefoot - and hobble with sandals -- but still no running shoes -- and no gym. 

Next time I am not going to "adult" -- next time I am going to the beach.  You can't break your toe in the sand!

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  1. Anonymous11:58 am

    Tape it to your next toe, it will help support it and let it heal without constantly reinsuring it.


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