Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I am sure by now most of you blog readers have heard the devastating news that kaya's son Bman was murdered.  ( Under His Hand

kaya has been on my mind nearly every day for the last month.  What words are there to help a mother cope with the mindless death of her son ? I have told her I am here for her -- I have said I am sorry (such useless words) -- I have sent her virtual hugs -- and in my heart I think they are all useless -- except maybe she knows I am trying to support her the best I can even from a distance -- as are hundreds of others.  We are all shocked by the senseless death of a child of someone we "know" ....... and we are all searching for some way to try and help her through it.


the truth of the matter is no one is gonna be able to help her through this -- only she can find a way to fight her way through this storm back to some sort of normalcy.  OH it will never ever be 'normal' again -- as she said "She was a mother of 3 now she is a mother of 2"   But my hope and prayer is that kaya will be able (with time) to find a new normal -- and that Bman will rest in her heart forever.



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  1. Oh dear, how very tragic. I haven't been to kaya's blog for a while, so thank you for posting this.



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