Saturday, July 16, 2016

Lesson Learned

I have not been able to go to the gym for a full week -- because of the broken toe and the fact I cannot get a shoe on the foot.

BUT I have to exercise -- otherwise I have trouble eating.. talk about a catch 22 ...... 

So I have been walking every day -- in sandals -- and not even walking - more strolling BUT at least it was something........ 

The only problem was -- because I was walking sorta tilted to the side - to take the weight off the toe -- I developed a blister on the right side of the sole of my foot........ a big blister !!  On Thursday it broke and I couldn't decide what hurt more - the blister or the toe.

Yesterday the swelling in the toe seemed to be down a bit -- so I decided to try putting a sock on -- and then the running shoe.  I loosened the laces completely and managed to get my foot in the shoe.  I didn't lace it / tie it tight -- and set off for my walk.

At first it hurt a lot -- but the blister didn't hurt so I shifted the weight and everything felt good.  I walked for just over 2 miles...... which wasn't very far considering what I normally do...... but I thought I wouldn't push it............ aren't I good?? 

When I got home I could hardly get the shoe off -- the pain was awful.  I sat and watched as the poor lil toe swelled up.  So I was back to icing it and keeping it elevated.

Somehow in my mind -  a broken toe didn't seem as serious as other bones -- but trust me I learned my lesson!!  A broken bone is a broken bone!  I just hope I haven't set my healing time back too much.


  1. Poor thing. I hope it gets better soon.

  2. Anonymous10:07 am

    Oh no. You thought you were being so good! I hope it gets better soon!


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