Saturday, July 23, 2016


Something I don't think I've talked about here is I hate GREEN vegetables!  (actually most vegetables -- but especially green ones)

During my negotiations with Hands -- I jokingly said one of my hard limits was green veggies.  He just went "hrmmmm" and we moved on.

We have had a few meals together -- but they didn't involve veggies.

On Wednesday evening I was over at their house for dinner...... a family dinner complete with kids.  Dinner was spaghetti and stuffed ZUCCHINI.  Zucchini is GREEN.  Hands was sitting beside me and he passed the plate of zucchini to me.  I smiled sweetly and said "no thanks" and He smiled back and said "oh yes I think you will enjoy these.  My daughter made them".  I looked up to see said daughter watching me.  I smiled and helped myself to the smallest piece of stuffed zucchini on the plate -- and trust me -- it wasn't THAT small!!

That was one of the biggest tests of my submission we have had yet.  I ate the whole piece........... just!
Last night I made dinner -- Thai noodles and chinese dumplings.  I sent Hands a picture of my dinner -- just cause I was in a very cheeky mood.  And the caption read " My dinner - note NO green veggies".  

The "brat" is still very much alive! 

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  1. How about trying yellow zucchini? I grow them because they have less chance of hiding under the leaves and growing to football size.

    Actually, zucchini has practically no flavour at all. I put tiny slices in salad and they add some crunch.



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