Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Not a Sadist

He read the checklist and he said to me "I have a concern -- I am not a Sadist"

I held my breath -- how I hated the label "masochist" it always gave the wrong impression.

I answered him honestly "I am a masochist - but I am more than that - I am a submissive first and foremost"

And so we agreed to try -- to test the waters -- to see where the cards fell...........

On Sunday while He was spanking me -- with only his hand -- I thought 'this man claims he is not a Sadist but dear God he hits like one!'

And yesterday when I winced with the pain from bruises and sore muscles  I thought to myself -- 'Damn he lied to me -- he's as good a Sadist as I have ever met" 

and I smiled a soft sweet smile 

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