Monday, July 18, 2016

Fix It

There has been a friendship problem in my life.  I was told how I was feeling -- yes that's right -- I WAS TOLD HOW I FELT.  Nothing irritates me more than being told how I feel -- or how I should feel....

And in one form or another -- I was also being told by folks to  "FIX IT" (which you may not realize -- says to me "You broke it - you fix it!"   thank you very much for placing that blame squarely/solely on MY shoulders)

Anyway .............. 

we talked on the weekend -- 

And I have been processing what we said to each other.

AND I realized -- I may have been at fault 

at one point I was very broken -- and weak -- and trying to find my feet -- trying to find who I was again........... and I leaned too heavily on a friend to help me find my feet.  

THAT was definitely my fault.  I was allowing someone to replace W and tell me what to do and how to do it.........I should never have allowed that!  That had been unhealthy for too long -- I should not have allowed that to continue in any form!

I was -- way back 'before' - a very strong independent woman who took care of herself quite well........... and took care of her family .... and a whole mess of other folks.

I found my way back to that place.

Friend and I had to sort that out......... and we tried.

Did we succeed??

Only time will tell.


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