Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Filling Time

When you are working -- or have a family to take care of -- you long for days of freedom.  I know I did!!  Of course I did have a plan of being a 24/7 slave -- but we all know how well that worked out 

AND I am the type of person that needs to either be doing something - planning something - or looking forward to something.  Otherwise I get antsy and bored and down.

The problem with not working -- not having a family to take care -- and not being a 24/7 slave is it is really difficult to fill my days.  I go to the gym every day -- I do the laundry -- I clean the house -- I shop -- but do you have any idea how much time is still left to fill??!  A LOT!

I have been filling my weekends (the hardest days to have nothing to do) with Art festivals and Jazz Parades and this weekend the Buskers come to town....... but it's still a little lonely doing those things by yourself 

The one thing I did a couple of years ago -- was -- I found a really lovely beach about 30 minutes from the house -- that was free !!  and clean!!  I had promised myself I would spend more time there -- with my book and my chair -- just soaking in the sun and "surf" (well not really surf as it's a lake -- but ya know what I mean) 

Yesterday after the gym and some shopping and the laundry and after lunch (see how much I can get done in just a morning!!)  I pulled on my swim suit -- grabbed my towel -- sun screen - chair - and book and headed off to the beach.

I had a wonderful time!!  It was more crowded than the last time I went -- but then the kids are off school -- it was 30 degrees - and I guess word has spread about this jewel of a beach that is free!

I claimed a corner of the sand as mine and set up my chair -- and I spent virtually the whole afternoon there.  I did try going in the water -- but dear lord it was cold!!  Didn't matter though -- I can sit by the water and watch the kiddies splashing -- listen to the birds, read and be content.  

Here's a picture of the beach

Here's proof I was actually there

and here's a quiet more secluded spot I moved to after the day camp left........

  It's supposed to be another hot day today -- so I may just pack up and go back ....... it's a happy way to fill an afternoon.

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