Saturday, July 02, 2016

July 1st

Yesterday was Canada Day and I went to the Canada Day People Parade here in Kingston.  It has become my tradition since I arrived here. 

I think it was the smallest parade in 3 years........ 

Once the parade was over I had two choices - to go to Grass Creek Park for more celebrations or head to City Park for the "Art in the Park" ....... I picked the second one.  I went to Grass Creek Park last year and it was mostly for families and as much as I am a big kid at heart -- it's just not quite the same by yourself.

Art in the Park is basically a huge number of artisans who come to sell their wares -- it's fun to walk around and look at the stalls -- and thankfully they don't take credit or I might have broken the budget.

My favourite shot from the Art in the Park was this last one I took on my way out...... 
a dad and his lil one adding to the great Canada Wall............. 



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