Friday, July 01, 2016

Own it

There have been a lot of changes in my life over this last year 

I tried on a lot of different "looks" 

And I have learned a couple of things 

1) I can only be ME -- the best me I can be -- I can't be you -- or you -- or you. 

2)  If someone won't acknowledge a relationship with me -- then I am not the person for them -- I don't want someone in my life who acts as though they are embarrassed of me.  I deserve so much better than that !!

3)  That setting boundaries is hard work -- keeping those boundaries firmly in place is even harder work -- and involves some risk -- but boundaries will keep me "ME" and I know now that is very important.

4)  I don't need to be "rescued" -- I am a responsible adult and as such will make my own choices -- some times I might need some help -- an ear to listen -- a shoulder to lean on -- maybe even some advise -- but I do not need rescuing

I have made some mistakes over this past year -- and I "fucking own them" -- and learned from them ......... and am stronger for them


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