Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hot Date

Sir and i finally got to go into "Old Town" last evening for our romantic anniversary dinner. It had been our plan to bring our cameras and have some fun experimenting and snapping.. and just enjoying some time together. For some reason.. even though "Old Town" is close by .. we seldom seem to play tourist in our own city. (Isn't that the way though)......

Well Sir and i played tourist in our town last night. We had a delicious dinner at a la de dah restaurant, and then off we went to wander the cobble stoned streets and snap away...

i hope you enjoy some of the shots i took.................

This picture is actually the tip top of an old church - appropriately named the "Sailor's church". The church is (well was ) on the edge of the river bank. The figures on the top were placed there to welcome the incoming ships and to bless the sailors (back in the 1700's/1800's) This is probably my favourite church in a city filled with churches - it is simple in style and meant for the common man (more my style)

As luck would have it........ there was a tall ship in port last night .. The Pride of Baltimore II ...

And of course i found some spiraling outside staircases..............

It never fails to amaze me the thickness of the walls and the doors in the buildings in "Old town" These are the doors to Bonsecour Market.

The new with the old...

This little alleyway lead to an auberge

Cobblestones line the streets and alleyways in Old Town.... hard to walk on - harder to drive on.

And the final shot of the evening.,,.... as the sun set on a hot day .. hotter night.. and hot date !


  1. Lovely! Funny how if one lives in a historic place you don't visit the "stuff" the tourists do. I have often wondered why people want to come where I live because I think it is BORING! LOL.

  2. such a beautiful city! I LOVE it - and used to spend a lot of time exploring it. as you say, we seldom check out our 'own backyard' but hordes of irish relatives were always back and forth, we often played tourist. I distinctly remember the Sailor's Church when we first moved to M. when I was a kid - running up to the outlook up these narrow stairs (can you still go right up to the top?) and then discovering, DAMN, I'm SCARED of heights LOL

    love the pics!

  3. From the architecture and stone work, I am guessing that the old town has been there since sometime around the middle of the 18th century.

    Loved the pictures of the old buildings, thanks for posting them.


  4. I really like what great shots you are getting with your new camera. Lovely perspectives. :)


  5. spankedhortic:

    Actually i went and double checked my dates before i answered you.. some of the buildings date back 300 years which would make that the mid 1700's (if my math is right)

    And there is an archeological dig that shows the original walls of the fort which was built in the mid 1600's ..

    i just love history !!!

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary dinner. And the photos were great, too. You have a knack for photography.

  7. ah, the Sailor's Church. Like Selkie, I used to spend an awful lot of time there [1st 25 yrs of my life actually] they still have all the little dolls in the basement? "And the sun pours down like honey on our lady of the harbour"

  8. Such lovely shots!

    I will have to make a point of visiting there and seeing all these lovely places for myself.

  9. Anonymous11:35 am

    cool blog, looks like i've got some back-reading to do


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