Saturday, November 17, 2012


Some of you offered up great suggestions to get the paint to stick to the Christmas ball yesterday. 

But ya know - you don't spend 30 years doing crafts with kids (little kids at that) and not have some tricks up your sleeve.

So Thursday evening - before I left school - I mixed two parts white paint with two parts school glue and re-fingerprinted my blue ball and left it to dry.

Friday morning I took a big breath and picked up the permanent markers and started to add the details to my snowmen.  

The paint didn't flake!!

The glue worked !!

And everyone was impressed with my Christmas Ball craft.  

 Now the fun will be helping each kiddie make one to take home ......... BEFORE Christmas 2012 !!


kaya said...


K8 said...

These look like so much fun! I might do some with my sister when I go home for Christmas :)

morningstar said...

K8 just remember to add the glue to the paint... :)

morningstar said...

thanks kaya - I hope the parents appreciate them

Anonymous said...

These will be keepsakes for your children's parents. Lovely idea.


morningstar said...

Thank you Joyce :)

Sue said...



abby said...

I love this, a great idea to the with the grands! Thanks for the idea and for working out the bugs!

morningstar said...

abby - that's what I am gong to do on our annual December "decorate granny's house" - get the grandkids to make some to take home :)

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