Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Two Steps forward - one step back



Sooooooooo I went to the dentist yesterday for my post op checkup.

Guess what?

My extractions are infected.  (le sigh)

Now I am on antibiotics for 7 days - and she told me sternly "REST". and I am not to wear my dentures except for eating until next Monday when I see her again.  

Ask me if I'm a little down............... I had high hopes of being 100% by this coming weekend....... got me some plans........... 

BUT - on the plus side - I'm not losing my mind.  Since last week I have been feeling punky ya know?  not myself.... now I know why........ in the big picture this is just a little hiccup .............   


  1. I'm glad they realized it and I hope the antibiotics began helping immediately! Maybe by the weekend...

  2. Poor you! That's no fun at all. I am wondering about the wisdom of putting in a denture right after extractions. I had one extraction, and had to wait a month before I got a bridge. As I recall, my grandmother waited six months after extractions before she could be fitted for dentures, to allow for healing plus any swelling to subside.

    Be sure to take all your antibiotics, even if they upset your tummy.


  3. Hope that the antibio's work. This does not sound like it has been much fun.


  4. Deena4:08 pm

    I am so sorry but very glad you are starting the antibiotics. Amazing how well those things work! I am a big wimp when it comes to anything medical so my heart is with you. Hoping you are feeling better quickly!

  5. I'm sorry to read this Morningstar. Gosh, you are going through it.

    Glad the infection was picked up and hope the antibiotics kick in fast. Hang in there.


  6. Morningstar, well that is plain awful! I am glad it isnt horrible and now you know why you werent feeling 100%. However, I think it has been enough now. No more.



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