Friday, October 16, 2020

Horse's Ass


Sooooooo I went to see the denturist yesterday morning..... Appointment time 10:00 am.

I got there at 9:58....... the waiting room was full!!!  I was told he was running a bit behind schedule - it would be 10 minutes... so I told them I would wait in my car - 15 minutes later I entered the waiting room - it was empty ..... I sat down and waited .. and waited .. and waited.

20 minutes later I was called in...... 10 minutes after that he wandered in to see me.  that made him 45 minutes late!!!  

When I told him the agony I had been in he said 'ohhhhhh everyone goes through that' 

WTF???? everyone goes through that??!!!  AND he didn't think to warn me??!!  I said to him - ' do you realize how much easier it would have been to know this pain was normal?? Do you realize how much I stressed that something was very wrong???!!"

He laughed!!

yes you read that right - he laughed!!!! He then told me he would fix it all up and it would be fine!  Honestly I didn't believe him.... I could not imagine that he could do anything that would make it possible to put the plate back in my mouth....... my gums looked like raw hamburger meat!! The bones felt like they were crushed!!  

He wandered away - said it would take about 10 minutes.  When he wandered back he slipped the plate into my mouth -- I was white knuckling it BEFORE he even got the plate in my mouth....... I only knew the excruciating pain that had been my reality for the last 4 days......... 

There were a couple of ouchie spots - and he fixed those.  There was a problem with the bite on my left side - he fixed that.  He even put a rubber coating on the top of the plate - the bit that goes against the roof of my mouth.  

When he was done - he said he'd see me in 3 weeks - I said 'you'll see me sooner IF I have any problem!!  ANY problem!  I'm not going through that again!" 

Other than the bad taste from the rubber coating - things seem much better.  My jaw is still tender - still healing from the extractions - but for the most part it was 100% better.  I even managed to eat mashed potatoes and a hamburger pattie for supper!!!  (all mushed together - but hey it was real food!)

Here's hoping life will improve and I'll soon be back to 'normal'........  


  1. He does sound like an ass for sure, but I'm so happy he was able to give you some relief. Is the plate permanent or something that will come out eventually? Good luck on being completely pain free soon.

  2. Hi Morningstar, his manner definitely needs some work. He should at least have warned you about the pain and that some adjustments may be required. Glad he was able to make you more comfortable though. I hope it keeps improving.


  3. Oh Ms. Morningstar,

    Now that is not good. First the pain and then the laughing! How dare he! And people wonder why dentist (and all associated careers) have a bad name!

    I hope he fixed it properly and you don't have to go back!!!!



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