Friday, October 02, 2020

Friday Report


Week 3 - can you believe it?? 3 weeks of home schooling and I haven't killed anyone yet - or burned out!!  YAY me!  

BTW you might not know this -- but ronnie of "Heart and Soul" asked me to post weekly updates like I did last spring... so it's her fault you all have to suffer through Friday Reports ....... (grinning)

This virtual learning process is amazing!  I have very little to do teaching wise compared to last spring.  My only teaching responsibility is gym....... Wednesday mornings at 11:00 for 30 minutes.  Google is my friend....... I found beginner's yoga for children....... aerobics for children ........ and dancercise for children.  So when it's gym time - we clear the floor in the living room and I put on one of the Youtube programs for her.  She LOVES it!!  

AND I do a follow up on things the lil one may not have completely grasped.  Easiest way to catch problems - checking her work sheets from the day - and looking at the sheets that have a LOT of erasing.

The lil one learned a vital lesson the other day - DO NOT PLAY WITH THE BUTTONS.  Apparently (the teacher shared this one with me) the lil one clicked on a button and managed to take over the teacher's screen.......... AND didn't know how to give back control!!  I asked her WHY she would do that........ did she even know what 'take control' meant?  Turns out she thought she could turn the pages (on the screen) quicker ... she now knows 'take control' is sorta like being the boss and she is NOT the boss!

One new feature this year - her teacher contacts me at the end of each week to let me know how she sees the lil one doing and to ask how we see this virtual learning process - glitches? problems? successes?  I LOVE the personal touch........ when the lil one was in school we never heard from the teacher unless there was a problem.  I am not sure if the teacher contacts the other parents ... which is mind boggling and time consuming!  BUT we love the contact.

Life is good when a plan comes together ........ 


  1. Guilty as charged:) I love reading your reports. Thank you for sharing. If I ever have to do home schooling, I know just the person to give me advice.


  2. Week 3 already! Glad you are finding the virtual learning much easier and smoother this time. Great that more teaching is being done by the teacher rather than you having to do more like last time.


  3. Week 3.... I am so glad it is going well for you.

    Week 3 for me was discovering how disappointing people are. Teachers and staff not wearing masks or face shields over their masks when in close proximity. Even worse...students in class without their masks (I had to leave that one). Being locked out of my "safe workspace" in the afternoons. I am scared out of my mind! Our numbers are climbing, our bubbles are paused... unless you are in a school...then there is nothing to keep you safe.

    Thank goodness we kept our girl online.



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