Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Colour Me Nervous



I was scheduled for my dental surgery today.... at 1:00.  And then immediately after pop over to the denturist's office to have my new smile installed.

However yesterday - because I hadn't heard from my dentist - I called to confirm my 1pm appointment.   Turns out the damn denturist's office hadn't paid attention and booked my appointment for the extractions on THURSDAY and my appointment with him on WEDNESDAY!!!  I threw a small hissy fit!!  I have been going through this since mid August - I want it over with you - ya know?!  I was SO unimpressed!  Well it took 2 hours and I am sure some juggling - and many phone calls between offices ... BUT  I finally got a call from both offices ......... surgery at 3:40 and dentures at 4:30...... TODAY!

I have butterflies the size of elephants stomping around in my belly.....I keep holding onto the thought that after today I will be able to smile again....... talk without lisping and other speech problems.. and able to eat properly again.  AND be a whole lot poorer...

Life is good ........... when........... sigh... when this day will be over. 


  1. Anonymous8:50 am

    So a little hiccup, you HAVE beaten Cancer and won, so this is going to be a breeze ( ok a little tropical storm )once it is finished but you WILL come out it broke but repaired!!!

    Best wishes and looking forward to your lovely smile again...

  2. Small issue to deal with but I am glad you persevered! So excited for you!


  3. Wishing you the very best Morningstar. Hope it all goes/went smoothly.


  4. I was at the dentist yesterday too, but nothing as drastic as your procedure. It's all over now, so please tell us how it went.



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