Thursday, October 29, 2020

Checking in........


Oh boy!!  It is getting scary again...... our numbers here in our lil town are rising - worse than in March - and it's scary!!  Where Sir Steve works - there is a person from the office who has been off sick since last Friday and has had a Covid test - and is awaiting the results...... that's just a little too close for comfort ya know??? wayyyyyyyy too close.... 

We were informed yesterday that there is a confirmed case of Covid in the lil one's school - thank god we are home schooling!! 

In the last week our numbers have grown by 15 - doesn't sound like much?? BUT we only had a total of 17 from March - June ....... so yeah 15 in one week is HUGE!!

Quebec has had 'hot spots' in lock down for 28 days ......... and because the numbers really haven't come down - the lock down has been extended for another 28 days!  BUT it makes me wonder ya know - if there was no improvement in the first 28 days why do the politicians think there'll be a change in the next 28 days??  AND just because an area is put in lock down - it doesn't mean that folks from that area can't / won't move to an area not in lock down - and spread it even more........... GAH!!

We keep hearing how we have to stay open cause of the economy - but New Zealand keeps locking down and I don't hear a whole lot of worries about the economy from them....... OR am I just missing that bit???

I don't have any answers to any of my questions - except I'm stressing again..... and really just wish I could gather my family together in the house and lock the doors to keep everyone safe............  


  1. It's increasing here too. A nursing home about 2 miles from us has 22 cases and 2/3 of their staff quit in one day. I have mixed feelings about that. If my mom were there I'd want people to stay and care for her. If my daughter worked there I'd be furious that they aren't protecting their workers.

  2. Anonymous11:30 am

    Cases are rising in Florida too. So who is in Florida today? Trump and Biden for last minute rallies. UGH!!! At least Biden wears a mask.

    My daughter had the virus in April. She is a physical therapist in a rehab hospital. They had extreme precautions in place and she and a few others still got sick. It took a month for her to recover and go back to work.

    Stay safe!

  3. Perhaps it's time to propose Jacinda Ardern as a candidate for world president.


  4. It is truly scary seeing how the virus is having a resurgence in the Northern hemisphere. Love Prefectdt's comment lol, it's a no brainer Javinda's labour party just got voted in again with enough seats in Parliament to govern alone. They are in coalition talks with another party however.

    Here in New Zealand we have only had one total lock down lasting a few months and one other short period where a low level of restrictions were put in place again due to new cases emerging in the community again.

    Our economy has been hit hard, particularly the retail and tourist industries of course. Our airline for example has laid off a huge number of staff and more redundancies were announced the other day. A number of financial measures have been put in place to provide assistance to business and individuals.


  5. Cases rising fast in the UK. We have a 3 Tier system medium, high and very high. On Saturday the county where we live goes into high tier which means no socialising with anyone from a different household in the home or any public place.


  6. Oh Morningstar, I wish we lived next door. I feel like you get it. I dont understand what government is thinking. My daughter's bricks and mortar school had a case too. I am waiting for the school I work at to have a case assuming they will even tell us.

    I wish I could give you a hug and you can give me the secret to surviving working in education.

    Hugs and stay safe!!!


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