Friday, October 23, 2020

School Days



I will say again how much easier home schooling is this year compared to last spring!!  (thank god!)  The lil one signs in to her virtual classroom at 8:05 and stays connected till 1:30 which is the end of her school day.

The one major advantage to home schooling (besides keeping her healthy) is that she has now made a 'best' friend.  It is a lil girl who has been in her class since Kindergarten but because of schedules and busing they haven't been able to play together after school until this year.

I made a Teams group for "play date" and they play together every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon....... and when I say play I mean PLAY!!  It boggles my mind how they have adapted their play to work over a computer.  The other day the lil one asked her friend if she wanted to see how the 3D pen worked.......... she got it set up and angled the camera down so her friend could watch while she worked......... I have also seen them playing "Veterinarian" with their stuffed animals - the lil one dragging out her doctor's kit and examining the dog via the screen....... I hear laughter and chattering and even singing during the play dates.  It does my heart good 

On Monday's and Wednesday's I try to find some extra curricular activity for the lil one.  This week she started an apple head...... 

she carved out a face from an apple.......

then  we put it in a low oven for a few hours to kick start the drying process



AND in a week we are hoping for something that looks like this..........    

Life is good when - with some compromise - a plan comes together .........  


  1. Hi Morningstar,

    So glad to hear the virtual learning is going so well. I absolutely love the play date idea and how wonderful the lil one is able to connect with her friend. What a great idea the apple head is!


  2. Its awesome that they manage to adapt their play via tech! Im so happy for u!


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