Thursday, September 03, 2020

Retail Therapy - part 2



Back on August 13th I posted THIS post about shopping from a company I loved who was going out of business.  Later that week my eldest daughter went to the website to take a look at what they had............ BUT....... their website was gone!!  

I figured that my order was probably gone too........... and that it had been an expensive lesson to learn - don't buy from online companies who have gone belly up.

Well today I had to come into the city - do laundry and shopping and pick up the lil one (she's gonna be with us till Sunday AND then back to Mom's and I AM going to get my week off before home schooling starts!)

When I got to the city there was a package leaning against the front door.  My clothes had come!!!  colour me very surprised!

Most of the clothes are summer clothes and summer feels like it's over....... BUT they will keep till next year.  

Here's the best ones (the others are solid coloured long sleeved tshirts) 

I LOVE the giraffe one.......... love it!!

The yellow flower one says "suck it up buttercup" which is kind of my motto... 

and the last one - dandelion seeds blowing in the wind.

I may continue to take a page out of Fondles book - she's onto something!  


  1. You were lucky. I love the giraffe one, that's my favourite.

    Enjoy that week.


  2. What a fabulous surprise Morningstar, bet you're glad you ordered them now that the company has folded. The giraffe t-shirt is my favourite too :)



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