Thursday, March 26, 2020

(UPDATE) New Challenge.........

Sir Steve managed to get an 11am appointment!  YAY!  The hygiene security was mind boggling...... and even though I went with him - I had to stay in the car.

Sir Steve has Bells Palsy.  He's on anti viral meds and a steroid for 7 days.  The paralysis could last 6 months........ but as I told him considering how much worse this could have been - we're lucky!

Life is excellent when you can see a doctor in a matter of hours and have peace of mind!

Sir Steve has not been himself since the weekend -- I have been checking in with him but he has been shrugging it off ...... (which made me think my anxiety was the problem)

Last night after I tried checking in with him again..... he finally admitted that he had a numbness in his right cheek -- felt like when a dentist freezes you. He woke with it Monday morning.  I studied his face -- his mouth is a little weird looking but nothing too noticeable..... his speech is fine -- everything is fine except his right cheek is numb.

This morning he is calling his doctor and we are hoping she will give him an emergency appointment for this afternoon.  I am going with him.

If you could all keep a good thought for us .......................


Roz said...

Hi Morningstar,

That is strange, and somehow I knew you weren't talking about the other cheek lol. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Seriously though,I hope you manage to get that appointment and that the doctor can get to the bottom of it quickly. Will be thinking of you.


Boosghost2 said...

I hope this happens fast. This might sound odd, but chewing an aspirin might not hurt (although it has been a while since onset).

Hopefully, this is nothing but a nuisance.

Hugs, positive thoughts and energy, are winging their way over to you.

PK said...

Sorry you're both having to deal with another unsettling situation. You have my thoughts and prayers and good vibes and anything else I can send your way. Let us know

Roz said...

I'm so glad Sir Steve was able to get an early appointment and that the doctor was able to get to the bottom of the problem and start treatment straight away. It must be a relief to get an answer. I do hope the paralysis doesn't last that long.


Deena said...

So glad he was able to be seen and it sounds as though it is something that can be controlled with proper care and time. Our guys are always so hesitant to tell us they are worried about something. It is great that you persisted.

Becca Sue said...

I developed bells palsy after a mumps vaccine when I was ten years old or so. The entire side of my face froze...even had to tape my eye shut at night. I came out of it just fine, though now that I'm (lots) older, I can see a tiny droop on the side that had it. :-) If I remember correctly, I just had a lot of physical therapy, which ended up being making faces in the mirror until everything moved right again. Unfortunately I don't remember how long it took to recover, but I don't think it was a terribly long time.

selkie said...

Excellent news! I actually have known two people with Bell's Palsy and they actually recovered perfectly with time!

keth said...

I'm another one who had it and recovered. My only lasting side effect is that the eye in the side that had it is more prone to overflowing with tears. Not even necessarily when I'm upset, just if it's reacting to, say, dust in the environment, it overflows much more easily. I think the drainage ducts in that eye might have been damaged slightly. So take hope! The one thing is that if he's taking steroids he needs to be extra careful with corona, there are suggestions that certain types of steroids can make the effects of the virus much worse (e.g. ibuprofen), so if he hasn't already, he might want to discuss that with his doctor.

hope he heals up soon!

Hermione said...

Just like Jean Chretien, and he did all right! Best wishes to Sir Steve.


ronnie said...

That's great. So good that Sir Steve was able to get an appointment. Thinking of you all.


Anonymous said...

When I saw your initial description of the problem, my mind immediately went to Bell's Palsy. But I figured you didn't need a lot of amateur medical advice, and you were on the way to hearing from a REAL doctor. I will say that the prognosis for full recovery is excellent. My FIL suffered it when he was in his mid-50's, and though it seemed frightening at first it resolved quite nicely with no lasting ill effects.

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