Friday, February 28, 2020

The Voices in my Head

The voices I hear today are not the voices I used to hear...... they are not bringing me down -- making me feel unwanted/useless / stupid.........not anymore... 

The voices I hear today are trying to convince me of my worth...... just as I am.

You see ..... there is a part of me that believes I am not worthy unless I am working 24/7 - I feel guilty when I take time for me.. or when I have days that I do almost nothing... I MUST always prove myself ......... my grandmother used to say - 'idle hands are the devil's workshop'.  If I don't continually work hard - contributing to the family life then I will be discarded.  It is difficult not to feel guilty when Sir Steve goes out to work every single day......... and comes home tired .... BUT I have already been down that road.......  it may be one of the problems of being with someone much younger than myself......... maybe if I was with someone who was also retired this guilt about his working and my being home would vanish.

I am starting to listen to the voices in my head....... trying to come to terms with my conflicting feelings....... trying to see I have nothing to prove....I am good enough just as I am.

Life is good when you start to realize you don't have to prove anything...... anymore!


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  1. Hi Morningstar, listen to these particular voices. You have so much to give, especially to Sir Steve and the lil one. Sir Steve may work and come home tired, but you are his anchor and provide an oasis at the end of the days work.



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