Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Know what's coming?

Do you know what big day is coming?  huh? huh? do you???  No not Valentine's Day -- well yes IT'S coming too - but not what I am talking about....... 

I'm referring to............ Galentine's Day......... 

Have you ever heard of it??  I only learned about Galentine's day this morning on our local morning news show.  It's the day before Valentine's day and is a day to celebrate our gal friends!  I think that's a terrific idea..... one I can get behind!!  (I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day)

And I had this brain wave ......... Why not have a 'blog Galentine' day ??? 

This 'challenge' is pretty open -- hold a Galentine party this Thursday the 13th on your blog..... it can be anything you want it to be... maybe some yummy food pics with recipes (think decadent) or jokes or just thoughts on what gal friends mean to you...... Come on use your imagination... I dare you !!!

Don't have a blog (grinning) don't think that let's you off the hook.. on Thursday you can hold your own Galentine party in the comment section of my blog...... sort of like a pot luck at my place ! 

See you all on Thursday......


  1. I like it Morningstar, however, my Sheriff always does Valentine's Day on the 13th (although, this year he did it Sunday because of conflicting schedules). LOL. But hey, I'm willing.


  2. I love your idea! and i'd never heard of Galentine's Day before either!

  3. I hadn't heard of Galentines Day, what a wonderful idea :)



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