Monday, February 17, 2020


I've told you all how I don't 'do' Valentine's ...... I have always figured if you have to have one day to say I love you -- a commercial day at that -- then I really don't want any part of it.  

Through out my life I have always been very clear with my 'loves' about where I stand on Valentine's Day... so Feb 14th has always been a normal day .......... 

Except for this year....... 

On Monday last week Sir Steve told me we were going out to dinner on Saturday night ....... ok I could handle dinner out......... 


on Friday night when Sir Steve walked through the door - his arms were full of white roses and a card........... 
I flapped my hands at him like an angry bird !! No no no ...... I don't DO Valentine's Day!!!  NO NO NO!!!
He made me cry -- he said 'you might not DO Valentine's Day ...... BUT I do!" 

Besides the roses and card -- there was one other gift for me.......... 

You all might say "chocolate milk"?? for Valentine's???

It's not just a carton of chocolate milk....... it's a promise......... 

Way back when we were first together... I asked if we could have morning sex -- like sex all morning........ and then have grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate milk in bed for lunch.  Sir Steve delivered........ that one time and not since.

So the chocolate milk was a promise of sorts...........

Life is good when promises are kept and his love trumps my decree


  1. I love it Morningstar! How awesome that he remembered! And so sweet of him to override your decree on Valentine's day (although, every other day is just as important to declare your love too!!).

    Here is hoping the other stuff followed too...everyone needs grilled cheese sandwhiches! LOL


  2. Ooh, the chocolate milk “promise” is a great touch. I love that type of coded gesture!

  3. I love that he spoiled you. You deserve it. I LOVE chocolate milk ..... glad he is keeping his promises. :) Hugs, Windy

  4. What lovely flowers Morningstar, I'm glad he spoiled you. I just love the promise with the chocolate milk. How awesome he remembered:)



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