Saturday, February 29, 2020

February 29

February has to be the WORST month of the year...... it doesn't matter if it has been a 'good' winter or a bad one..... by February I am done with the cold and the snow.

 This past week we had a taste of spring springy that I even had my first cup of coffee of the day on the front deck !!  Warm sunshine does wonders for the soul.

Thursday brought us back to reality........ snow snow and more snow.  UGH!!  and today it's so cold my face freezes when I go outside.  

Tomorrow is March - and according to the weather man it won't be coming in like a lion (le sigh)  But it's ok I just keep telling myself spring is coming ....... and then camping season...... I can do this!

Life is good when the sun shines


  1. Meanwhile in Asia it's hot as feck. And getting hotter. The weather report says the first 2 weeks of March is going to be the dryest we've ever seen in the last 10 years (of Marches).

  2. Don't shoot me, but it's supposed to be in the low 70's and sunny a few days next week. That has my vote. I'm hoping for better weather for all.

  3. Well in Northern Europe we are on our third named storm in as many weeks and I am sick and tired of the wind and rain. How I look forward to the first day of spring that is warm enough to allow me to work in just a T shirt all day and some trousers of course :)


  4. Ugh, spring there means Autum here :) hang in there.


  5. Morningstar,

    I'm with you. So done with winter and snow and cold weather (although, it hasn't been that cold). I NEED the sun and hot/humid summer! I just keep myself noticing that the day is longer and longer and that helps.



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