Monday, February 03, 2020


For those of you unclear on 'sexting'........  

my first attempt at sexting was with Sir Steve - when he was just Steve and we were just - and I do mean JUST - renewing our friendship.  It was New Year's Eve and I was with friends celebrating.  Celebrating involved a fair amount of wine..... (I do not drink so 2 glasses of wine means blotto drunk for me) It was midnight and I was sending off "Happy New Year's" texts to family and friends.  I had about 4 texts going at the same time.... one of those texts was to Steve.   My texting with everyone else ended pretty quickly but Steve and I continued texting.  Finally the party I was at was breaking up and I was going to stagger off to bed... so I texted "wellllll I am going to take you to bed with me now".  My most daring provocative text EVER!!!  and the truth of the matter is........ I didn't mean it provocatively -- I was simply saying (in my mind anyway) that I was tired ... drunk... and going to bed.

I have read the funny side of sexting..... like this............. 

or this......... 

Those are more my style -- naively provocative.

Well on Friday -- if you remember my post -- I was feeling just a tad.......mmmm... needy.  I was hoping to be sexy and provocative when Sir Steve got home...... but in my heart of hearts I knew the plan would just flop.  I am not (never have been) much of a femme fatale. In my mind's eye I can see what it could look like -- but the reality is I would probably get the giggles or trip over something and fall on my ass - ya know??

So I figured weekend sex would - once again - be left up to Sir Steve.  

BUT as the afternoon progressed I got more and more...... mmmm... needy..... to the point I almost went and found my vibrator.


instead I went online and found a picture (very explicit picture) of a woman using a vibrator.  I decided to send it to Sir Steve with a catchy line like....... "I am SO horny - but am resisting using my vibrator... trying to save it all for you"  I hit send before I could change my mind... sat back feeling very wicked and waited.

and waited............. 

and waited........... 

It turned out that I had sent that message via Facebook -- not Sir Steve's phone.... which means on his work computer a note popped up telling him there was a message from me.......... he opened it...... and there was this pornographic pic sitting on his screen.  


He did answer back -- calmly -- saying "Good it will be fun tonite".
Only when he got home from work did he tell me about the whole office thing.  Colour me embarrassed!!  

BUT -- my attempt at taking the lead passively worked out well.......... we went to bed very early on Friday night....... and Sir Steve demonstrated how much better the real thing is........ compared to a vibrator!!

Life is good even when you fall on your ass trying to be sexy.....


  1. I love it! But I've never tried it, with my luck I'd accidentally send it to our daughter or maybe the our preacher. I'll stick to email. I feel more secure with that somehow. Glad it turned out so well for you.

  2. OMG Morningstar!

    That is something I would do, right down to falling on my ass and sending something to the wrong place (although, we haven't progressed to that point yet).

    Thanks for the giggle!

  3. hahah. well then. it was a good thing you took the lead! Altho i must say it was a good thing too that no one else saw that pic on his work computer :)

  4. CatHerder11:12 am


  5. LoL Morningstar, I love it. Glad it worked out well :)



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